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Cesky krumlov view

The Fairytale Town of Český Krumlov

If the name and place Český Krumlov is entirely new to you, then I am excited beyond belief right now! As a matter of fact, considering its majesty and historical value, Český Krumlov is a relatively small town. In fact, it’s a tiny town. By the same token, for people that say you only need …


Visit the Center for Puppetry Arts

Whenever you grew up, whether it be the 1970’s, 1980’s, 90’s or naughties, no doubt, you were aware of a program called Sesame Street. It’s been a staple in early childhood education for 50 years, which is no meant feat. In a way, the city of Atlanta’s Center for Puppetry Arts feels like the perfect …


The Historic Town of Bath, England

Where is Bath? Have you been to Bath? Can anyone guess why it’s called Bath? Ten points if you get it right! And we’re not talking about the one next to your toilet either. It’s in England, and it’s something of a historical marvel, in case you didn’t know! Bath is a town of historical …